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Anti-Fungal (Introduction)
  • The Anti Fungal infection is also known as a skin disease created by fungus.
  • There are millions of types of fungi.
  • They survive in the dirt, on plants on your skin. Occasionally they lead to skin problems or rashes.
  • In humans, the fungal infection starts when fungus gains area of the body and it is hard for the immune system.
  • you are more probably get an Anti Fungal infection if you are having weak immune system or if you are taking antibiotics. Fungi can be hard to kill. For skin and nail infections you can use medicines directly on the infected area. Fungal infections can be communicable.
  • It can spread from one body to another.
  • In some cases, it’s captured from animals or polluted soil. If you have symptoms of fungus take advice from your doctor as soon as you can.
Symptoms of Anti Fungal?
The most common symptoms of Anti Fungal are-
  • skin color changes and turns red.
  • breaking or peeling skin.
  • itching the skin.
  • swelling

Some common types of fungus

  • Athlete foot-it is a kind of fungal infection that affects the skin on your feet also including nails and hands. It is mainly found in athletes and can spread from one person to another. You can also get from dirty surfaces like public washrooms or locker room floors.
  • The symptoms-athlete foot can begin with itching. Your skin can also break.
  • yeast infection-it is a type of fungus that attacks your skin, and is normal to be available on the skin and also in the body but when this fungus increases too much it can base an infection also called by name of yeast infection.

Symptoms – if you receive a yeast infection in your throat or mouth it is known as oral thrush. Thrush brings out patches in your mouth. Swelling or redness is a common symptom.

Toenail fungus – it is a common type of fungal infection that affects toenails or fingernails.
Symptoms-this fungus begins with a light color spot on your nail. As it spreads it changes the shape and color of your nail.
Things avoid in fungus-
  • keep your skin and feet clean
  • shampoo your hair especially after the haircuts
  • avoid tight footwear.