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  • Hepatitis is the swelling of the liver. Swelling occurs when body tissue injured or infected.
  • It can harm your liver. Swelling and harming can attack your liver function. it can be short-term or can be long-term.
  • The liver is an important organ of our body that exercises nutrients, cleans up the blood, and fights against infection.
  • When the liver is a swollen or damaged function of the liver harmed. Consumption of alcohol, and some medication can be the reason for hepatitis.
  • In this type of disease liver brings out infectious viruses o the body and it may result in health problems some of which are deadly.
  • There are five types of viruses in this disease is, A, B, C, D, AND E .
  • they are all sources of liver disease they are different in such ways as their dispatch and geographical distribution and different ways of prevention.
  • B and C can cause chronic diseases found in millions of people and can also cause liver cancer. some type of virus in this disease is curable.


  • Your doctor will test your blood from your veins and then send it to the laboratory to get the result.
  • The blood test will tell what kind of viral hepatitis is and tell the seriousness of the infection.
  • Symptoms of this type of this disease involve fever, vomiting, loss of appetite or darkening in the urine, etc.
Types of hepatitis
  • it is the result of an infection with hepatitis-a virus. This is a short-term disease.
  • People having this disease also have a risk of liver failure.
Things avoid by this virus.
  • avoid eating foul food or drinking contaminated water.
  • avoid taking raw fruit and vegetables


  • it is a vaccine-curable liver infection caused by the hepatitis b virus.
  • This spread when blood or semen gets contaminated by the virus.
  • Symptoms are changing the color of eyes and starting yellowing, stomach pain…

Things avoid by this virus.

  • control your foods by having fats and oily foods.
  • Avoid eating raw or undercooked food.

Hepatitis – C

  • is a liver infection caused by the hepatitis c can spread with the contact of blood from the contaminated person.
  • Symptoms are loss of appetite and yellowing of the skin.
  • Things avoid by this virus.
  • fatty or foods having more sugar. can give tension to your liver or make it fat.
  • it is a serious liver disease caused by a hepatitis d infection.
  • Symptoms are stomach pain or fatigue.

Things avoid by this virus.

  • avoid eating raw foods.