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Men’s Health

  • Sex is a supreme part of life. Many men are sensible about sex starting early before puberty hits and lasting till the final days on earth.
  • it is an enjoyable activity and also helps make bonds strong between the two people. Sexual health mentions to a state of well-being and makes the man join in sexual activity.
  • It is a mixture of physical, psychological, and social factor that affects a man’s sexual health. men, sexual health isn’t simply the non-appearance of disease.
  • Sexual health is necessary for a man’s well-being in case you are trying to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection or you are concerned about erectile dysfunction or other problem connected to men’s sexual health.
  • Erectile dysfunction is the failure to receive an erection or maintain enough for pleasurable sexual activity. Many objects can cause erectile dysfunction including stress, depression, relationship issues, and irregular lower testosterone from cholesterol blocking of arteries. It is also a  fast warning for heart disease.
  • Erectile dysfunction can be cure by taking of pills or injection. 

Symptoms of men’s sexual health.

  • The main types of male sexual defected are-
  • difficulty getting an erection
  • contact with an orgasm too quickly
  • contacting with orgasm very slowly or not at all.
  • lost interest in sex

What are the causes of sexual dysfunction?

  • short testosterone levels.
  • consuming high blood pressure medicine.
  • stroke or nerve damage by diabetes or by surgery.
  • smoking.
  • the taking of alcohol.

How is sexual dysfunction treated?

The medicine helps improve sexual function and increases the supply of blood to the penis. sildenafil(viagra) and tadalafil(Cialis) is safe and effective but have them only when a doctor prescribes them.