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  • Transplant means to remove out part of body organ or to carry out others body part and to install in another person body.
  • Organ transplantation is a medical process in which an organ is seprate from one body and placed in another body.
  • The giver and a receiver may be present at the same location where organ transfer from giver to receiver.
  • Organs which transplanted includes heart, kidney, liver or lungs. Kidney transplant is most common transplant in world.
  • Transplant between the two people can have a chances of rejection where the immune system of the receiver or host damage the outsider organ destroy it.
  • To lower the chance of risk refusal of the donated organ the receiver have to consume medicine his rest of his life as a precaution.
  • By transplantation like human cells, tissues, or organ can save many lives.

Symptoms of rejection.

Transplant rejection is a procedure in which transplant receiver immune system harms the transplant organ or tissue.

  • feeling ill.
  • feeling pain or swelling in the trasnplanted organ.
  • fever seen in rare cases.
  • sympoms of flu.
  • cough and shortening of breath.
Types of organ transplant
Lung transplant-in this transplant surgery done to remove infected lung and change it with healthy lung from the other person. This surgery can done with one lung or by both lung.
Things avoid in this
  • raw or boiled eggs.
  • avoid juices.
  • avoid seafoods or meat or fishes.

Liver transplant-in this type of surgery it changes the infected liver with exchange of healthy liver from other person. A entire liver may transplanted.

Things avoid in this

  • drinking water from lakes and rivers.
  • avoid eating of eggs,meat.
This type of transplant also known as living transplant. People who contribute a kidney can live healthy lives with one kidney.
Things avoid in this
avoid drinking of grapefruit or pomogranate.
Skin transplant- the skin graft is blockage of skin which is withdrawal from one area of the body and transplant to other part of the body.